Hillary Clinton Defends Bill Over Lewinsky Scandal

Hillary Clinton defended her husband Bill regarding the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

During an interview on CBS “Sunday Morning,” Hillary said her husband should not have resigned due to his sexual relationship with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Fox News reports:

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Hillary Clinton vehemently denied in a recent interview that her husband’s extramarital affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power and added that former President Bill Clinton was right not to resign amid a scandal that led to his impeachment on perjury and obstruction charges.

“Absolutely not,” the former first lady said during a CBS “Sunday Morning” interview when asked if Bill Clinton should have stepped down.

“It wasn’t an abuse of power?” CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil asked.

Clinton responded: “No. No.”

CBS promoted Hillary’s interview on Twitter.

Hillary is ignoring the meaning of the #MeToo movement and is trying to rewrite history.

Good luck with that!


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