President Trump Defends Soleimani Airstrike at Wisconsin Rally

President Trump held a campaign rally in Wisconsin Tuesday evening and promoted the accomplishments of his administration, including a thriving economy, record low unemployment numbers, and the airstrike that killed terrorist leader General Qasem Soleimani.

Last week, missiles were fired at U.S. military bases in Iraq by Iran in response to the airstrike.

The airstrike against Soleimani followed the pro-Iran demonstrator’s attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq which caused damage to outer parts of the embassy compound.

Democrats blamed President Trump for the tensions in the Middle East.

Democrat candidate former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Trump’s airstrike decision, calling his actions “dangerously incompetent.”

In Wisconsin, thousands of attendees waited for hours to gain entry to the rally and the evening was full of applause and chants from the crowd.

President Trump used the opportunity to defend the airstrike and hit back at Democrats’ criticism, saying Soleimani “was a designated terrorist by President Obama” and that “Democrats should be outraged by Soleimani’s evil crimes, not the decision to end his wretched life.”

President Trump called out presidential candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders over his criticism of the airstrike.

At the rally, President Trump highlighted the serious plight of Iranian citizens as a result of Soleimani’s years of terrorism.

The Hill reports:

“Many of the young men and women you see walking around without arms or without legs were done by Soleimani,” Trump said. “That’s what he loved. He loved the roadside bomb.”

In Iran, protesters have taken to the streets in opposition to the brutal Iranian leadership.

Earlier in the week, President Trump took to social media blasting the Iranian leaders.

President Trump also supported the Iranian protesters for showing respect to America by not trampling on a painting of the American Flag in the street.

The videos of Iranian citizens seeking dire change from their brutal leadership shows Democrats are on the wrong side of the Iran debate and are opposing President Trump’s airstrike decision for political purposes.