Establishment Democrats Urge Sanders to Drop Out Following Biden Victories

Former Vice President Joe Biden continued to ride the wave of political momentum by scoring big wins in last night’s primary contests.

Biden won convincing victories crushing Sanders in Mississippi, Missouri, and Idaho.

Most importantly, Biden won Michigan, the state Sanders won by beating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Washington is still too close to call who won.

Sanders won North Dakota.

After the disappointing losses, Sanders didn’t address his supporters Tuesday night and retreated to Vermont.

Biden reached out to Sanders’ supporters in a call for unity in his victory speech.

Clearly, Sanders’ supporters are demoralized.

Hollywood elite Michael Moore, a big Sanders supporter, acknowledged Bernie’s candidacy was a bridge too far.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) commented on social media, saying, “Someone says tell us it’ll be ok. There’s no sugar coating it, tonight’s a tough night, for the movement overall.”

Establishment Democrats want to end the Democrat primary now.

South Carolina Representative James Clyburn called for the Democrat National Committee to “shut this primary down.”

James Carville, former President Clinton’s former adviser and campaign manager, said on MSNBC “Let’s shut this puppy down.”

Former 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Biden is the “prohibitive nominee.”

Considering Biden’s momentum, the pressure is on for Sanders to decide whether he should stay the course or drop out of the presidential race.