Businesses Board Up for Fear of Violence Over Presidential Election Outcome

Cities across the country are on full alert for civil unrest as the country awaits the results of the presidential election.

In preparation for potential civil unrest, numerous businesses are closed with their doors and windows shuttered.

In New York City, Fox News reports:

The New York City Police Department is bracing to work “long hours” in the event of potential unrest from small “core groups” of agitators following Election Day, Commissioner Dermot Shea said Tuesday.

Protesters in Washington, D.C., have reportedly been organizing for months with the goal of civil unrest perhaps leading up to the inauguration in January.

Fox News reports:

A collection of groups led by Black Lives Matter and Shutdown DC reportedly has been holding training sessions for demonstrators to protest on Election Day — and apparently, they’re planning a large-scale event across the street from the White House expected to draw thousands.

British political leader Nigel Farage toured the streets of Washington, D.C., pointing out the number of shuttered businesses.

My husband Tom just arrived in D.C. today and took these pictures.

Businesses in California are also prepared for the worst.

The Washington Post reports:

The crews arrived on Rodeo Drive at 6 a.m. Monday with a singular task: To board up every one of the roughly 70 posh boutiques and high-end properties lining the upscale Beverly Hills strip. They planned to work until midnight and barricade Rodeo Drive to vehicles and pedestrians for two days, all in anticipation of Election Day.

Other cities are also prepared for the worst.

Most of this year, the left-wing mob commandeered progressive run cities and neighborhoods over racial tension.

Calls for potential civil unrest by the radical left-wing mob because they disagree with the election outcome is outrageous.

Businesses are still suffering over the consequences of COVID-19 and the destruction of riots and looting.

Our country needs law and order and Democrat-run cities are not up to the task.

Just another reason to vote for President Trump.