Obama and Biden Advance Politics of Racial Division Following Chauvin Verdict

Former President Obama and President Biden advanced the politics of racial division following the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin.

Obama celebrated the verdict but it’s not enough and not “sufficient.”

He added Black Americans live in fear of law enforcement and he voiced support of the people that marched in support of justice.

Obama made no mention of the death and destruction that resulted from the violent protests following the death of George Floyd.

Reacting to the jury verdict, Biden denounced “systemic racism,” which he said, “is a stain on our nation’s soul.”

Biden also called the family of Floyd following the verdict.

A critic pounced on Obama’s comments because he ignored the destruction from the riots.

Another critic pointed out Biden did not call the family of a slain police officer.

Disturbingly, the verdict was not enough to stop angry protesters.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters demanded whites must leave New York City.

Whatever the outcome, Democrats continue to promote the politics of racial division.

Americans of all color and creed were outraged over the way Floyd died but instead of using the jury’s decision to unite the nation, Obama and Biden used the verdict to divide our country.